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17 July 2016 @ 03:44 pm
It's been a while since I've plugged a camera into a computer, but turns out it still all works.

Baseball wrapped up in May, and here's some of the team waiting for their turn on the pitch.  For a friendly.  Later that week, Amy started indoctrinating the tall one.  Small child still has a ways to go.

As can be seen in this photo.

But he also wrapped his first baseball-like season, and here Coach Travis is giving him his well earned (in that he showed up) trophy.

At the tail end of May Luke finished his preschool program.  Amy cried.  I'm not sure because its emotional watching your kids grow up, or she knew he'd be home 24 hours a day in the summer.  Probably a bit of both.

Last day of preschool.

Goober had been wanting a white space suit as well (suck it, ACES), so that turned into a first day of summer surprise.

Now he informs us he needs a helmet.

Astros tagup.

On memorial day we kicked off the day with some workouts.  Alex slammed out a number of push ups.  Luke worked out his flabtoids real well by sitting and watching us.

First day of June was a party.  Alex had the same teacher and class for first and kinder, but now that's all over.  Done with!  Concluded!  Amy may have cried about that as well.

And then it was over.  The next day he's finished with 1st grade.  Tomorrow he will probably be off to college and I will lament the fact that I didnt get more housework out of him.  Or so my own dad tells me.

Now, I think he believes he has found a catcher's outfit.  Either that or we need some recommendations on getting him checked.  Regardless, I'm sad to say I didnt contribute to his ensemble, because if you ask me he's killing it.

He's also done well at finding the silver lining, as what better way to play firefighter than right after a breathing treatment?

Then it was too hot to do anything outside that didnt involve hundreds of gallons of wasted water.

Kids at father's day.

And now it is July.  Maybe more pictures will arrive before school starts.
04 May 2016 @ 05:47 pm
7am wakeup calls for baseball seem cruel on a saturday, but here we are.

What are you looking at?

This is another means of bucket use.

Luke's new policeman friend rides in helicopters, so he gave us a tour.

Then they stole a truck.  I guess since they think they have connections they're above the rules.

Being awesome.

Sweet talking grammy.

03 May 2016 @ 06:33 pm
Frankenstien smile withstanding, Luke is ready for rodeo day.

As was the rest of the dolphins.

March had many days in it, though, and one was dedicated to Amy.

After Luke's practice we did the real thing.

I suppose these were mechanical horses.

As they were hurting for riders, Alex got a third try at the sheephearding.  The cutoff is supposed to be 6, but he was under the weight limit.

He was otherwise uninterested in sharing.


Later that month we found the water.

Luke practicing for a career.

Not sure what Alex is practicing.

Luke's first T-ball at bat.

Luke making some police friends at Alex's game.

Then Easter.

I'm getting lazy with captions.  Fill in your own...

05 March 2016 @ 09:45 pm
Sea turtle preschool.

Aging dad bald spots.

Small people basketball.

Valentimes tackles.

Short camera timers.

Kids' silly faces.

Valentimes portraits.

Ninja archery.

Outdoor hippity hops.

Out door heart attacks.

Little man deep shots.

Low entertainment basketball games.

Questionable astronauts.

Peter pan space man.

Roommate offspring reunion.

Anticipating cake face.

Birthday party success pose.

Relaxing post party viewing position.

04 March 2016 @ 10:01 pm
Theme parks.  Some of my favorite ways to spend money.  I guess I'm buying smiles.  That's valuable.

"You woke me up at 6am central to stare at the back of this weird dude's head?"

"Whoa whoa whoa, how am I breathing underwater.  This is ariel's place, right?"

"Why is this happening to me!"

"Dad forgot to tell me there was a camera and I'm afraid I made a fool of myself."

"I think it's a left up here, and then we should arrive at space mountain in about 4 minutes."

"I was told there would be a cookie after this picture."

"There was no cookie."

"Do these glasses make me look smart?"

"Mom, he has no face."

"What do I get for dumping him in the fountain?"

"Our hotel has little golf!"

"It is February, right?"

"If you're going to make us take these pictures, please get us some sunglasses."

"Much better."

"I remembered the camera this time."

"This people mover is much more my speed."

"Mind blown.  This mickey talks to us.  Cannot handle it."

"This park has big golf!"

"Mickey, do you know how much this is costing my parents? Hahahaha!"

"Best snack all week."

"I dunno who these strangers are, but theyre friendly and I would like more time."

"I feel like I've been here before."

"Sunglasses, dad!"

"Mickey, you seem to make the rounds quite quickly."

"Yes Donald, I told him it was in bad taste to wear Mickey ears for this picture, he didnt care."

"Quit goofing with my hat!"

28 February 2016 @ 08:58 pm
Luke turned 4 years old, and so he's the focus here.  A start.

But before that Amy and I left to meet Mike and Sarah in Vegas.  I've never been.  We didnt lose money at gambling, thanks to a last minute garbage touchdown by clemson in the NCAA title game.

We took a dam car trip one day.

When we got home Alex started playing a real sport.  He enjoyed it, because it's actually fun and exciting and the ball won't hit you in the hand at 40 mph while holding a metal stick.  And air conditioning.

Luke had any number of parties, one at school, one on his birthday with his roommates, and then the family came over.

On his birthday Amy took him to visit the local fire station.  He got decked out for it.

Firefighter Ms. Johanna gave him a personalized tour.

When he got home we bought him a new bed.

He liked it.

Presents to wrap up the day.

More hoops the morning of the family party.  He did pretty good, as he was a little older for the league and even scored relatively consistently.  I see more organized hoops in our future.

I don't remember the theme to Luke's birthday party.  I think it was primary colors.

Super heroes for the win.

A couple days later, we told our kids they were headed to florida.  Which is what our next post will detail.

27 January 2016 @ 07:05 pm
You know, every time Amy's sentimentality hits about doing something for the presumably last time (this week was preschool registration), I remind her that we can steal other peoples babies and do them all over again (though no, Meredith, I'm not paying for Ryan's preschool).  Here's one for the hamptons.

Alex would rather just throw things at people, such as immitation snowballs.

Luke gets free stuff anytime he goes anywhere.  I mean, look at him.  He even picks out his own hats.

I dont know what the question was, I'm going to assume they were inquiring about the British Army or Royal Marines.

"nobody barf, nobody barf, nobody barf..."


Hey dad, only one cavity!

Now stop and enjoy this imagery for a bit.

At one point in December I got "the munchies," or so this image implies.  It's hard to know what Luke is thinking.

Oh, it was cake.  Luke wanted cake.

More singing.

Grammy pajammies for the win.

Though these pajammies come at a risk, as Luke can't do buttons.  And gets stuck in his clothes when requiring a midnight wardrobe change.

Christmas prep includes a run to moody gardens.

Getting frozen to an ice sled.

Christmas eve church.

Then it's go time.  First christmas in the ball of Tom.

Nana rocking the ggkids.

These are my peoples.

Some of them are excited about the minions.

What comes after spoiled?

Luke is very much not concerned that his uncle is a serial killer.

"You have a face."

Now the threat of getting "Ho ho ho'ed" by Santa is real, going to bed on Christmas eve.  Luke had the nerves about it.

But the next morning St. Nick had left some light sabres to protect them.

New hat.

This is the most honest picture of Luke that exists.

More spoilages.

Finishing off the month with a post-Christmas trip to College Station and Santa's wonderland.

That's it.  I'm done posting pictures.  All rights reserved of course.
27 January 2016 @ 06:45 pm
So, what's up?  There's some news.  First, we visited our kids at their home.

They were given a new exhibit and were able to return.  They hadnt been at the Houston zoo in decades.

Being advanced for primates, they're given chores like feeding their fellow inmates.

Here prarie dogging takes a new meaning.

Train riding.

Luke has started training folks in yoga, taking advantage of his limber age.

They also stole Alex's classmate to take in a show.

Luke continues to find better uses for everyday objects.

Midway through the month Grammy opted to have a birthday.  Three score and zero years!

I don't know why this picture was made, but I liked AJ's shirt.

At the end of the month Alex opted to have a birthday.  0 score and 7 years!

All business.

He had a couple friends over for an elaborated play date.  Something about having a birthday over a holiday spoils massive party blowouts, which I am really ok with.

Obstacle courses.

Lego cakes.

Nonplussed presents.

Super nonplussed brothers.

Then we put up a christmas tree.

The holidays are coming...
01 November 2015 @ 07:05 pm
But before we get there, how about some meaningful preseason rockets basketball?  Great seats from Grandma and Grandpa, but Alex got Grandma's seat.

Grandpy tried to put on the most pleasant face he could muster for a camera a few days later.

GG snuck in a visit from Cousin Ryan as well while she was homeless and staying with us (probably "between homes" is more appropriate).

Pretending to be bumbo rams.

King of the pitch.

Fall festival for the preschool.

Trunk or treatering in the rain a week before the main event.

School activities after a fun run.

Friend visits!

The rain stalled just enough for some tricker treatering.

We chilled it with Cousin Ryan.


But after about 15 houres, they were much more interested in handing out candy.  And we were happy to oblige.

The end.  Your semi annual update is complete.
01 November 2015 @ 06:50 pm
Luke had a first day also.  He has a couple buddies in his class.

Here he is with Paige.

Luke's first day is coincidinentally also Treat Yo Self day at our house, where Amy and I get to spend the day going to lunch and enjoying life without having to take little people to the toilets.  It's delightfuul and we tend to eat too much.

A couple days later we hit the beach and Alex figured out his two wheeling.

Luke likes to pretend.


Lazy mornings with 35 year old stuffed animals.

Minion Overlords.

Luke overlord.

Bubble lab at school.

Playing by themselves while Amy and I get to sleep in.

Soccer beginnings.

Baseball endings.

Best friends.  Or something.  Ryan's still in negotiations.

Luke has been working on train conducting.

Built a big one.

Alex cheering on his favorite soccer team.

And then it's October.